How we got started in the business of helping climate startups raise capital

Raaise was founded with one clear goal in mind—to turn the tide on the climate emergency by leveraging the power and potential of climate startups. It all began 3 years ago, on a remote beach in northern Mozambique...

September 2002
 Paradise found.

Nestled between the wild African bush and the dazzling Indian Ocean, we built Guludo Beach Lodge. An understated, uncomplicated, tropical beach hideaway that lifted over 60,000 people out of the depths of poverty and created the blueprint for what was to become the future of experiential, regenerative tourism.

January 2019
 Paradise threatened.

But, that paradise was under threat from the natural resource curse. In the midst of a climate catastrophe, a fossil-fuelled war was simmering.

April 2019
Paradise lost.

Kenneth, the strongest cyclone ever to hit Eastern Africa, made landfall on our beach, wiping out 17+ years of blood, sweat, tears in minutes. Our boutique hotel—the OG of sustainable tourism—gone.

Another reminder that those least responsible for the climate crisis were bearing the brunt of it

October 2019
Phoenix from the flames.

It would have been easier to give up, but that’s not in our DNA. Motivated by the injustice we had seen and experienced first-hand, we had to act.

March 2020
Startups will save us.

We can't count on governments and big business to save us. They're dragging their feet and protecting their own interests, at the expense of our planet. But, we’re optimists at heart and we had an idea—startups will save us!

June 2020
The trillion dollar opportunity.

We know that the solutions we need to turn the tide on climate are already out there, they're just not getting funded. So, what's holding startups back? We spoke to hundreds of founders, who said the same things over and over again.

September 2020
Founders were getting stuck.

It was clear, a bottleneck was choking the system. Too often, amazing climate startups were left to languish in the "valley of death".

We saw how critical this early-stage funding gap was and knew we could fix it. So we got to work.

November 2020
Putting down strong foundations.

Sonja, a friend and a lawyer with a background in social justice, joined the team. Raaise was officially founded.

January 2021
Building our crowd.

In a fast-changing climate, we could see an ocean of venture opportunities out there, but our first priority was to build our team by getting more Raaisers on board. So we reached out to Ben Keene, a friend, entrepreneur and expert community builder based in the UK.

Quickly Ben was all-in.

April 2021
Not all funding models are created equal.

Startups need different capital solutions at different times; there's no one-size-fits-all approach. We looked at what was working and what wasn't, what new ideas were out there to correct perceived imbalances, what solutions were gaining traction, and what work was waiting to be done. We absorbed, distilled, digested and put our own spin on it, setting the wheels in motion for a new non-dilutive funding mechanism.

May 2021
Walking the walk.

They say you can't truly know another until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. So we decided to raise a pre-seed round, in order to feel the pain we'd heard so much about from other founders, and so we could experience the same frustrations. This would become invaluable later, while building our MVP.

July 2021
We raised for Raaise!

We closed our pre-seed round with a handful of AMAZING strategic investors! We learnt a lot.

September 2021
We need all hands on deck.

We set about building a community of amazing climate startups and hosted our first online events with the likes of Great Wrap, Oddbox, FEAT., and many others.

October 2021
Chart your own course.

Working with our amazing lawyers, we finalised the Raaise SAFE—a non-dilutive funding tool for ambitious climate founders that allows them to remain captain of their own ship and retain more ownership of their company, while offering investors increased liquidity in addition to potential venture-sized returns.

It's an investment mechanism that's good for founders, good for investors, and good for the planet.

November 2021
Build it and they will come!

We scoped the tech and started to build our MVP, working with an awesome agency based in San Francisco. We also started hosting regular founders circles, private conversations with climate founders to share the ups and downs of building their startup. Unsurprisingly, a regular top topic of conversation: funding pains.

February 2022
Our pipeline is strong.

We onboarded our first founders and generated our first revenue— Huge milestone!

March 2022
🚀 raaise launches
A BIG month.

We launched our podcast, Startups Will Save Us, spotlighting awesome climate founders and hosted our first in-person meet, with 15 climate founders sharing their stories to an audience of 80+ people at x+why, a purpose driven coworking space in London. Oh, plus our platform went LIVE!

April 2022
Another major milestone.

On the way to closing our first successful raise. The first of many.

We need trillions of dollars of capital flowing into new climate startups if we’re going to keep to 1.5 of warming. We’re just at the start of an exciting journey. Check out the startup we’re working with today.
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Meet the team behind  Raaise

Simplifying the investment process for founders and investors to help awesome climate startups get funded with as little friction as possible.

Portrait photo of co-founder DanArrow pointing to Dan
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"driven & friendly"

Amy’s the skipper; infectiously optimistic and passionate about creating  impact. She’s at the helm leading the way and loves to meet founders and investors who are passionate about impact.

Portrait photo of co-founder DanArrow pointing to Dan
Image and text that reads "started his first business at age 15"Image and text that reads "can play beethoven blindfolded"
"driven & friendly"

Sonja ensures everything runs smoothly. With her legal eye, soft heart and razor sharp mind, not much gets past her, including misplaced punctuation or the occasional tautology!

Portrait photo of co-founder DanArrow pointing to Dan
Image and text that reads "started his first business at age 15"Image and text that reads "can play beethoven blindfolded"
"driven & friendly"

Behind the scenes Neal’s normally building; a financial model, some tech, a brand asset... He’s the creative and strategic mastermind behind Raaise.

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"passionate & creative"

Ben heads up all things community and loves to talk to founders, investors and pretty much anyone about startups, the climate crisis and how we might solve it